European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students


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About Contact - Bleggio Superiore

Bleggio Superiore is a small local community with ca 1600 inhabitants in North Italy, West of Trento. The don Guetti Foundation was established in 2012 by the authorities of the Province. It has the following scope of activities: protection, promotion and enhancement of the cultural heritage items (especially historical, cultural and political items). The Foundation was active in creating cooperatives in the region; and is active in promotion of actions of protection of environment. It also organises regional and national conferences for dissemination of the results achieved by the local schools. The Foundation is also active in promoting social care and solidarity in the Trentino Region. The Foundation also takes part in education of young people.

Experience of the don Guetti Foundation fits perfectly into the topic of the project and also into the international team: it has solid experience in promoting social responsibility, social care and also social solidarity. With that experience, it will be a perfect partner to Vrakúň Municipality (SK) and Suprex, but with its teaching experience, also to other schools in the team. With having such wide variety of expertise, don Guetti Foundation will be a very useful partner in elaboration of the concepts, but also in elaboration of electronic teaching materials too.

Contact Person

  • Ms. Alessandra Piccoli
  • European Project Manager
  • +39 046 193 1200

About Organisation

  • Foundation
  • Localitá Larido 1
  • Bleggio Superiore, Italy
  • unlisted
  • +39 349 554 8843